Published Writing Samples

“I was so fortunate to have Elizabeth Carlton on the writing staff for AMP and Hails and Horns Magazine. She always adhered to the deadlines and turned in flawlessly edited interviews that were engaging to read. She was one of the contributors that I gave first pick of articles to because she steered away from generic Q and A’s and researched her subjects, giving each piece a distinctive angle that set it apart. I always looked forward to her finished products coming across my desk.”

– Lisa Root, Editor, New Noise Magazine


Chivalry’s Code
Available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kindle, and most local and online retailers.

  • Paperback: 306 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 18, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1517595134
  • ISBN-13: 978-1517595135
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars 

The Royal Rogue
Available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kindle, and most local and online retailers.

  • Paperback: 398 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (June 6, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1490327312
  • ISBN-13: 978-1490327310
  • Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars 

Press Releases:

DENVER Writer Publishes “New Kind of Fantasy” Novel
Boxa Press Release Sample

Event Flyers:

Watchdogs Midnight Flyer with Box (Used by GameStop South Florida District)

American Music Press Feature:

Call It Captivate

American Music Press + Hails and Horns QnA’s and Articles:

Denver Weekly Articles:

Renowned Guitar Picker Will Play in Denver
Camp Dogwood Fashion Show Raises Money for the Blind

Denver’s Strongman Lifts to New Heights
Charter School Offers Athletic and Academic Summer Camp
Wells Fargo Teams Up with Nonprofits in Day of Caring
Denver Says Farewell to Local Rock Stars

The Falcon’s Eye Articles and Features (PDF):

The Falcon’s Eye Anniversary Issue
-Front page “Flight of the Falcon”
-Page 10 “Food, With a Side of Friendship”

The Falcon’s Eye April 2010 Issue
-Page 4 “Hi, My Name Is Employment”
-Page 11 “Earning Culture”
-Page 14 “One Last Pen Stroke”
-Page 15 “Lost in Communication”

The Falcon’s Eye March 2010 Issue
-Page 8 “It’s Raining Trend”
The Falcon’s Eye February 2010 Issue
-Pages 10-11″Awesome Aaron” Articles:

Battlefield 4 announced with pre-order premiums
Limited Edition Yellow Pikachu 3DS XL has Pokemon fans flocking to stores
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct puts diehard fans in Daryl’s shoes

iPartnerMedia and Client Blogs:

The Statistically Proven Effect of Narrative Marketing (iPM)
Emergent Technologies Institute Already Influencing SWFL (iPM)
5 Claims Debunked Regarding Print and Digital Media (SOSXRX)
5 Fascinating Facts About Air Conditioning (Bruno)
Air Conditioning: When to Repair and When to Replace (Bruno)
The Cold Office Epidemic (Air Genie/Bruno)
5 of Florida’s Most Invasive Plants (Blue)
The Alliance Announces New Location and New Employee (SWFLEDA)


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