Chivalry’s Code

It’s been twelveChivalrys Code Cover years since darkness usurped the northern realm. Now Shadow’s reign swells beyond Nevahardan borders and hope fades like warmth of a setting sun. All seemed lost until whispers of a powerful gypsy named Melah rises in the south. Her efforts are small, but her power is not, and it rattles the fear Shadow once used to snuff the seeds of rebellion.

In the north, her movements mark the uprising the re’shahna had prophesied long ago, but there is a problem. Jaspur, the warrior said to become Shadow’s bane, remains hidden in the north, his allegiances questionable.

In the second installment in the Rogue series, Chivalry’s Code will call Jaspur to cement his fate. Either he will become the savior the rahee need or be consumed by his hatred.

Searching between his demons and ghosts from the past, he will discover an unsettling truth: he and Shadow are more alike than he thinks

View Sketches and Artwork |  Expected Release Date: 2015