Tips on Fiction Writing

As a writer, I spent countless hours browsing through countless web pages looking for advice. Through that process I found that some of the best tips weren’t picked up from articles, but blogs by writers merely talking about the process of putting together a book. So I decided to begin compiling my blogs on writing styles, slumps, tidbits and tips into one single page for easy reference. Below are blogs, articles, or posts pertaining to the writing/editing/publishing process of a novel.


Less is More (November 8, 2012)
When I sat down to write Rogue’s second book, I went into it with a different mindset. I had to. Jaycent is no longer the prince he started out as in the beginning. In fact, he is no longer Jaycent at all. His rogue alias, Jaspur Clovenhoof, has become his new identity, and with it came a whole new mood. Jaspur is a different entity, and I have to write him as such, so I approached Rogue’s Revenge with one thought in mind: less is more… [Keep Reading]

White Page Syndrome (October 31, 2012)
Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been writing for years, there’s nothing worse than that ‘white page syndrome’. It hits when you’re about to embark on a brand new start to a brand new story. You’re anxious and unnerved by the sight of a stark blank page. A thousand ideas for a New York Times Bestseller float inside your head but you freeze when you realize you have no clue where to start… [Keep Reading]

Why I Chose to Self Publish (February 28, 2012)
    I admit, the choice to self-publish The Royal Rogue was born more out of my intimacy with the story than any other reason. But like any major decision, it came after months of research, phone calls and a thorough weighing of the pros and cons that came with my choice… [Keep Reading]

How to Create Characters People Want to Read About (, 2011)
   The biggest challenge in fiction is not in creating in intriguing story, it’s bringing life to the characters that make your plot possible. They are the essence of your story and the appeal to your audience. Without them your book will never make it past the publisher’s desk. So what can you do to create a best seller? Grab a cup of coffee and flex your typing fingers because it starts with getting to know your characters… [Keep Reading]


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