Query/Synopsis/Manuscript Editing:

“Elizabeth Carlton is a pleasure to work with. Her thorough edits and encouraging advice have not only helped improve my work, but taught me how to be a better writer. I strongly recommend her.”
Jennifer Hartsock, Writer/Client

You’re a writer and you finally finished the draft to your first book. Your pockets are tight but your dreams are big, and you want to hone the work you’ve spent months, perhaps even years, putting together. My goal is to be the editor you can afford without sacrificing quality of service.

I bring to the table six years of professional writing experience and five years of editing experience. For per-word cost $0.04, I will go over your query, synopsis, or manuscript line-by-line, checking for grammatical and spelling errors while critiquing flow, plot, character development, and dialogue to help bring out the best in your writing style. All manuscript submissions will receive a free 1,500 word no risk trial. If you are dissatisfied with the service, there is no obligation to move forward. Otherwise you will receive a contract and a quoted price for the services which must be paid via Paypal before the rest of the editing process begins.

Simply fill out the form below for a quote. The length of this process is determined by the length of the work and the complexity of the edits. Query letters and synopsis take anywhere between 24 and 72 hours while manuscripts will usually take anywhere between a week and four weeks to complete. Please state in the form if you have a deadline for your edits. Short deadlines may require an extra fee.

PLEASE NOTE: All payments for services must be made in advance.


“Liz Carlton is a mature young writer with an eye for detail and a heart for understanding. She is passionate about her writing, creative in her approach, and factual in her presentation.”
– Ken Fortenberry, Editor/Publisher of News @ Norman

“Liz’s writing style is distinctive. She is at once descriptive yet direct, getting to the point of a topic while demonstrating a literary flair.”
– Charisse Levine, Journalism Professor at Pfeiffer University

“I am an Engineering student and I was trying to get a CO-OP at a local company. I wrote my resume and sent it to Elizabeth to edit. She did a really good job on it. I was contacted the next week about coming in for an interview and ended up doing very well.”
– Daniel Lee, University Student/Client



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