Get Your Book Reviewed

Are you an author looking to have your book reviewed? Please read the requirements below. If your book fits the bill, fill out the form to have Elli personally read and review your work. If she is interested, she will contact you for more information.

Book Review Policy and Requirements

-Your novel must be a completed, published, fiction novel.

-It must be currently available for sale either in print format, e-book format, or both.

-If your submission is accepted, you must provide Elli with either a Kindle or print version of your novel. This copy will not be returned. Instead, you will receive an honest review of your work posted on Elli Writes. Any physical copies will then be donated to a local Naples, Florida library or book charity so others may be exposed to your work.

-Please note, all submissions will be given an honest review. This means a good rating is not necessarily guaranteed. Elli is fair, respectful, and professional in all of her write ups. When posted, her reviews will not be removed from the website, even if the author does not agree with the rating. Submission of your book for review is considered an automatic acceptance of this policy.

-All reviews will be posted on,, and Amazon when applicable.

-Filling out the form below does not guarantee a review, only consideration. Only when a request is made for a copy of your book is a review guaranteed.

Submission Form