“Liz Carlton is a mature young writer with an eye for detail and a heart for understanding. She is passionate about her writing, creative in her approach, and factual in her presentation.”
– Ken Fortenberry, Editor/Publisher of News @ Norman

“Liz’s writing style is distinctive. She is at once descriptive yet direct, getting to the point of a topic while demonstrating a literary flair.”
– Charisse Levine, Journalism Professor at Pfeiffer University

“I am an Engineering student and I was trying to get a CO-OP at a local company. I wrote my resume and sent it to Elizabeth to edit. She did a really good job on it. I was contacted the next week about coming in for an interview and ended up doing very well.”
– Daniel Lee, University Student/Client

“Elizabeth Carlton is a pleasure to work with. Her thorough edits and encouraging advice have not only helped improve my work, but taught me how to be a better writer. I strongly recommend her.”
Jennifer Hartsock, Writer/Client

Anyone can write their own review. My goal is to allow others to share their opinion of my services so that future readers and clients can find credibility through different sources. Whether you’re a reader or a client, I would love to post your input. Simply write a short (preferably 1-3 sentences) review and e-mail it to me under the subject REVIEW. You can either send it directly to or use the contact form under the Contact Me tab.


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