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Some say Prince Connor is not cut to fit nobility’s standards, though he’s just the hero the horse folk need when a ruthless illusionist threatens their freedom.

Targeted by their enemy, the prince disappears into the wild where he assumes a new identity as a rogue named Jaspur Clovenhoof. There he seeks the help of an outcast gypsy and a lost tribe whose knowledge of the past could sway the tides of war.

But can he change the fate of his kingdom before it’s too late?

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Chivalry’s Code
Expected Release Date: 2013

Stationed in Whitewood with his father’s bloody legacy pinning hateful eyes on his every move, General Mendeley must prove to the elves he’s not his predecessor, and his people are worthy of the alliance he was sent to establish.

At first, convincing them seems impossible. Then he meets Elessara, an alluring elven historian whose tempting offer of love could be his key to peace.

Or the cause of a second brutal war.


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Return of the Rogue
Expected Release Date: 2014

Once upon a time there was a prince, but he is no more. A decade has passed. Nevaharday has fallen. Now the rogue has chosen to return, and he brings with him an appetite for vengeance.

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Lost Child of Nevaharday
Expected Release Date: 2015

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