FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1)     Where can I find your work?
As a freelance writer, my work has been featured in local, national and online publications including AMP Magazine, Chamber Magazine, Hails & Horns, News @ Norman, Examiner.com, eHow.com, DoYouWanna.com and 101D.com. Links to my online articles are posted on Elli Writes once they’re published. You can also check my Twitter account (@WriterElli) for announcements pertaining to print features and where you can pick them up.

2)      What happened to The Royal Rogue and all of your other online stories?
The Royal Rogue was removed from the internet a couple of years back, rewritten, and is now available for purchase through your local book retailer and most e-book services.

3)     You look so young. How old are you really?
I’m 25.

4)      Don’t you draw pictures too?
Yes, though not quite as often as I used to. You can still find a lot of my old artwork (and some new) at http://levee.deviantart.com. We will also be sharing more design sketches and artwork through the “Behind the Scenes” section of the new ElliWrites.com layout.

5)      Can I find you on Facebook or Twitter?
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/writerelli
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ElliWritesBooks

6)      Who is “Charming”? I see him mentioned in your blogs sometimes.
“Charming” is my boyfriend. For privacy reasons, I don’t use his real name on my blog, but he’s been dubbed “Prince Charming” because of how we met.

7) Where can I buy your books?
Currently, only the first book in my fantasy series has been released. You can order The Royal Rogue through your local retailer or purchase it online through these options here.

Chivalry’s Code is next in line for release later this year (2013). The Rogue Returns will follow in 2014.


3 thoughts on “FAQ

    • 23 years young. 😀 As for what first inspired me to be a writer, I guess the best answer is books. In sixth grade we were forced to read Tolkein’s The Hobbit (this is before Peter Jackson brought The Fellowship to life on the big screen) and I completely fell in love with the fantasy genre. I started writing fan fiction which eventually led to me branching out into my own original works. Never thought I’d become a journalist though. I kind of stumbled into that.

  1. After reading the about page, so I guess it was 13 years ago since you started making stories. Wow that’s cool. I always wished that my parents had introduced reading as early as possible XD

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