389999_164573456974875_37097840_n“Liz Carlton is a mature young writer with an eye for detail and a heart for understanding. She is passionate about her writing, creative in her approach, and factual in her presentation.”
– Ken Fortenberry, Editor/Publisher of News @ Norman

Anyone can be a dreamer, but what happens when a dreamer becomes a “do-er”?

Meet Elizabeth “Elli” Carlton.

Ever since she was a child, Elli has been a storyteller. Immersed in novels by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Disney infused fairy tales, she blossomed into an optimist with an active imagination. By fourth grade, her dreams began to spill onto pages. Teachers called her stories marvelous, creative, and charming, yet no one guessed she would become an author by the remarkably young age of 24. Not even Elli.

“It started as something I did for fun,” she confessed. “I never dreamed it would put me on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.”

Her love affair with writing remained a hobby until sophomore year of college when she stumbled into the active world of journalism. In May of 2008, she interned for a local newspaper called News @ Norman. By November, she was writing features for AMP Magazine and Hails & Horns, two underground music publications with nationwide distribution.

“I was so fortunate to have Elizabeth Carlton on the writing staff for AMP and Hails and Horns Magazine,” said the publications’ former editor, Lisa Root. “She always adhered to the deadlines and turned in flawlessly edited interviews that were engaging to read. She was one of the contributors that I gave first pick of articles to because she steered away from generic Q and A’s and researched her subjects, giving each piece a distinctive angle that set it apart. I always looked forward to her finished products coming across my desk.”

Elli’s passion drove her like a Ferrari. Upon graduation from Pfeiffer University, she was awarded Pfeiffer’s Outstanding Student in Journalism award for expanding into multiple local, national, and online publications as well as the Who’s Who Among Students award.

“I learned in college that fulfilling dreams was a lot like writing fantasy novels,” Elli explained. “They were only ideas unless you did something about them.”

Embarking into the world, the young writer realized she had a gift for writing, but hard news journalism wasn’t fulfilling enough. She was seeking something different; something more. So she spent a season in Cocoa, Florida where she interned with To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit dedicated to providing hope and help to every day people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury, and suicide.

“It sounds like a rough job on the surface, but it was an amazing experience,” she said. “When I left, I realized that no matter what I did for a living, I wanted it to be worthwhile. Yes, I have a gift with prose, but I also have a heart, and it yearns to know, to love, and to help other people. My stint with TWLOHA taught me that we live in a world that’s both ‘heavy’ and ‘light.’ There’s a lot of good to go around, but there’s also a lot of pain. We carry stuff we don’t want to talk about, and so we believe we are alone in it. I want to change that perception. I want my words to inspire people to never give up, to love, and want to make a difference. In a way, my debut novel is one way of doing doing that.”

In October of 2012, Elli released The Royal Rogue, a fantasy novel described to be “surprisingly human.”

“The story revolves around Jaycent,” the author explains. “A prince with a multifaceted personality that breaks him out of the typical white knight cliche. He’s certainly not chivalrous, nor is he the epitome of good. Like us, the royal rogue contends with the ‘human condition,’ and people relate to that. They connect with his struggles, his hopes, his sense of loss, and his fight for identity.”

The novel is the first in her fantasy series, and is currently rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon readers. It was also featured in CURRENTS Magazine‘s 2013 Summer Reading List. Her second novel, Chivalry’s Code, released in October 2015.

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