Elizabeth Talks About Her Next Book and How It Differs from The Royal Rogue

CC RM QuoteWe’re weeks away from the launch of Elizabeth’s second book, Chivalry’s Code. It’s the second installment in the Rogue trilogy, and the expectation is incredibly high.

Chivalry’s Code will release October 30, 2015; exactly three years after the release of its predecessor, The Royal Rogue. The book was said to be a challenge to write. Elizabeth scrapped two full manuscripts before she and her editor finally settled on what is now considered the final product.

Will the final product meet her reader’s expectations? Elizabeth seems to believe so. In fact, she claims it will exceed them. Recently, the author took the time to sit down and answer some of the many questions surrounding her upcoming novel.

The Royal Rogue told the story of how Prince Jaycent became “Jaspur,” a royal rogue. Where does Chivalry’s Code pick up in relation to where the first book left off, and what is it about?

E: Chivalry’s Code takes place eighteen years after The Royal Rogue ended. Jaspur has fully accepted his rogue alter-ego, abandoning all that he was to embrace a much darker, vengeful side of himself. Tobiano has taught him to hone his gifts. Too well, it seems, as he starts to deviate more and more from the instruction of his mentor and the head of the legendary re’shahna tribe, Patchi.

But Jaspur’s not the only one who has changed. All of the characters who carried over from the first book have grown and evolved. Some for the better; some less so. Levee rejoined a band of gypsies who fled to Sarrokye after Prince Jaycent’s kingdom was conquered, developing her own gift to the point where she is now one of the most powerful characters in the book. She isn’t the young, naive girl from The Royal Rogue any longer. She is confident, powerful, and determined to do what it takes to protect her family and her people.

And then there’s Rayhan…

CC JC RethinkYes, about that. How exactly is he involved?

I received several questions as to how he came to find his way into the second book. What made Chivalry’s Code such a challenge is that it’s actually two different stories taking place in separate time periods but are being told at the same time. It wasn’t easy to do, but it all came together phenomenally well in the end. My editor and I are extremely impressed on how beautifully the two stories coalesced.

Earlier, when you mentioned Levee, you said something about “family.” Who exactly are you speaking of?

E: Readers of the first book will recall that Levee didn’t flee the north alone. Milo went with her.

So by family you mean in a brotherly sense… or did something happen between them?

E: Eighteen years is a long time. A lot can happen, and a lot did. That’s all I will say. You’ll have to pick up the book to find out the rest.

CC Rayhan Wisdom Second ChancesIn this second book, readers get to see more of the legendary re’shahna, including traditions and styles that seem to echo tribal cultures.

E: The re’shahna are tribal in nature, but they do not take after any particular culture. Any similarities are either subconscious or coincidental, not intentional. The re’shahna are simply deeply spiritual people whose lives revolve around their connection with equines. They consider the horses and unicorns their kin, and their goddess (Tennakawa) the spirit that connects them to each other. That’s why their hairstyles emulate a horse’s mane, and why they tend to move from place to place as a “herd.” These are subtle nuances in their behavior that connect them to their equine cousins.

Do you think this book will be better than the first?

Absolutely. Not to say that The Royal Rogue was bad or even mediocre, but naturally the more someone writes, the better they get. This book has more high-intensity moments and battle scenes that will leave you gripping the pages in suspense. There’s a lot of conflict, and with it several ultimatums that force the characters to really stand by their convictions and know who they are and what they stand for as they make difficult decisions.

But more than that, this book is personal. Jaspur’s struggles in Chivalry’s Code resonated with me on a very intimate level; moreso than I had planned or anticipated. In a way, I found his trials to be therapeutic. I learned a few lessons in life alongside him that I didn’t expect, and I’m really proud of the person he became in the end.

Will you be doing any book signings or events when the book releases?

Yes! The first event will be in Denver, North Carolina on November 8th, but I have an exciting plan lined up for Florida and hopefully a few conventions that will involve the characters… coming to life, so to speak.

Are you saying we’ll get to meet the characters?

There’s a very real possibility that a rogue might be present at more than a few events.

Keep in touch with Elizabeth and be the first to hear about the release of Chivalry’s Code by “Liking” her author page on Facebook.



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