Katniss is Real, and She’s Apache

apache ny

Naelyn Pike raises awareness in NYC. (Photo Credit: Standing Fox)

This is a call to action. A plea for you to take five minutes to do something that actually matters today. This is a demand to remember that silence is as devastating as the wrong that led to an Australian-British mining company having the rights to mine without oversight, leaving a scar on our land in the form of a 2-mile crater.

We have Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake to thank for this. They tucked the deal within the fine print of a military defense spending bill (read more in this article from The New York Times).

  Apache have been camped out on the sacred site of Oak Flat since February. Naelyn Pike, the young warrior pictured above, traveled alongside a handful of others from Arizona to NYC to try to bring attention to this plight.

This isn’t “just a Native American” thing. This is an American thing. This is protecting our land while taking a stand and saying men like McCain and Flake can’t use the powers we gave them to their own gain through manipulative actions such as this.

Sign the petition. Donate if you can. Let it be known that the American people won’t stand for this betrayal.

Sign the petition here: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/stand_with_the_apache_global_loc_dn/?auqZUf


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