Dear Self

Don’t spend your life working for someone else’s dream.

Certainly, don’t break yourself for someone else’s dream.

You’re worth more than that.

You were born for more than that.

Change is terrifying.

So are risks.

But you’re worth the risk.

Take a chance. Pursue what matters to you. Be honest with others. Be honest with yourself. Stop biting your tongue and calling it kindness. Your thoughts count. You count. Let your voice be heard. Don’t fear the man. Don’t fear what happens next.

You’re worth more than a paycheck.

In the end, life always feels too short. Don’t give it away. Don’t sit back and keep telling yourself “someday”. Don’t hesitate because you’re afraid of what others might say.

You want this life to mean something. You want your words and your actions to matter. Take a chance. Find yourself in the trying.

This life is yours.

You’ve got one shot.

Take it back.

Make it count.

You are worth it.


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