Why a perfectly happy couple boycotted the most romantic day of the year

By the time Saturday rolled around, I thought I must be crazy. At least, that’s the impression I got from my friends’ expressions when they asked what Charming and I were doing for Valentines day and I said, “Nothing.” Their eyes widened, fixated on my expression as if I just said something taboo.

Before I talk about that famous “V-Day”, let me take a moment to back up and explain why a perfectly happy couple decided to boycott the most romantic day of the year.

For a man who truly earned the nickname Prince Charming, my boyfriend was never a fan of Valentines day. He deemed it a fabrication of consumerism to boost sales. I agree. We find ways to express our love for one another all the time. Chocolates and stuffed bears just wasn’t it. They had no place in our story, and I didn’t want more “stuff”. Besides, the whole idea of trying to wow the other person just didn’t sit well. It was stressful to saddle each other with expectations that didn’t exist any other day of the year. We had nothing to prove, but culture has a funny way of making you feel guilty for ignoring tradition.

So earlier that week, we made a pact to just “skip it”. When Valentines day finally rolled around, we didn’t dress up. We didn’t exchange cards. We didn’t go out.

While everyone else went out and played chivalry for the night, we tucked ourselves away in our own home with three bottles of Hobbit-themed beer and an ipad.

And it topped every Valentine’s Day I’d ever experienced.

Our night began around 7:00PM when we sat on our bed and listened to the Beach Boys play from his iPad. We passed a bottle of “Gollum’s Precious Pils” as we talked about everything from sociology to books to our spiritual beliefs. We exchanged funny stories, laughed as we disrupted our neighbors by belting songs by Good Charlotte and Blink 182, and discussed what songs Charming would learn to play next on his guitar. By the time we made it to “Smaug’s Stout”, our conversation had led into talk about our relationship. We took an honest look at where the last three years had led us and smiled upon what we had found.

I kept thinking to myself this is what love is. It’s not roses and chocolates and fine dining. It’s two souls casting aside the fancy clothes and “best impressions”, and connecting with one another in a way that is real and honest and genuine.

I woke up this morning smiling at the irony. We had officially boycotted Valentines day and hid away from the world in a cozy room where only the two of us existed.

And it was the best date of my life.

We boycotted Valentines Day, and it was the best date of my life.

We boycotted Valentines Day, and it was the best date of my life.

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