Tips on Creating a Fantasy Language

Elli gives a brief crash course in how she created Niradakra, the language spoken by Jaycent and others in her novel, The Royal Rogue.


Niradakra, the language of the horse folk, is a combination of 3 roots:
Nira – to connect/bind/link
Dak – language or words
Ra – A race or group of people
Combined, they translate to, “Words that connect our people.”

Nevaharday, Jaycent’s city and the name of his kingdom, is a combination of 2 roots:
Neva – to separate/take away/disconnect
Harday – struggle or hardship
Combined, they translate to, “Disconnected from the Struggle”

Bresan T’ahnya is a combination of 3 roots, then abbreviated:
Bresan – a place of dwelling (IE: city, town, village, kingdom)
Deto – belonging to/ownership
Ahntiya – Ancient/old
Bresan Deto Ahntiya was too long of a name for a city, so an apostrophe was used to combine Deto Ahntiya into “T’ahnya”, thus making the name more palatable.
This term translates to, “City of Ancients”

is a possessive term that encompasses all references to self (IE: I, me, my, mine, myself).
Tu encompasses you, yours, yourself.
Et is he/she/him/her, his, hers.
Eda is the plural of et (them, they, theirs)*

*Adding or changing the end of a word to ‘da’ makes it plural. IE: et vs. eda or seladay vs. selada)

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