Boxa and Their Grip on Today’s Market

I recently wrote a post for Boxa about their revolutionizing office products, and guess what? It just went live today on Wrigley’s Business Products and Services blog!

If you’ve ever wondered why I’m so passionate about Boxa products, here’s the truth: I used to work as a Store Manager for a very large, very popular video game store (surprise, surprise!). During my 4 year stint in retail, I carried a lot of boxes. Heavy boxes. Imagine a 5’3, 120lb. woman carrying 35 pound boxes with no handles from the floor of a stock room to the front of the store over, and over, and over again, every day.

By the end of my retail career, carpal tunnel and I were reluctant compadres. Even now, picking up one heavy box can have me nursing my wrist in a brace for several days.

Then Boxa did something game-changing: they invented a new grip that’s better for your balance, wrists and back. I no longer work in a retail environment, but I literally use Boxa’s products every day for organizing files, and carrying and storing signing/event merchandise. No brace required. THAT, my friends… is the gift of ergonomics, which is the heart of Boxa and its products.

Anyway, it sounds like a sales pitch, but it’s my story and the reason why you’ll see Boxa sneak into my social media from time-to-time. It’s made a difference in my life, and I believe this brand will be setting a new standard in the industry very quickly.

You can check out the blog I wrote for Boxa on Wrigley’s website.

Or you can sit back and watch me embarrass myself in some of the promotional videos I helped them put together:


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