The Story behind Elli and Oliver

Ever since I posted the short story, “A Familiar Stranger”, I’ve received questions from people curious to know exactly who these characters are, and what the story is about. Some of these questions came from concerned friends, and so I want to set the record straight:

Elli Campo is a fictional character. A vessel, really. I’ve written fantasy for over a decade, but I wanted to be able to write something human. So I started with short stories about honest conversations. This is where Elli comes into play. Elli looks similar to me, she has my expertise, and all the sass and confidence I never had. It keeps me from having to spend hours and days developing a character for short story purposes. This isn’t a project meant for publishing. It’s a writing exercise. Much like a playground where I can create any scenario I want, say anything I want, and see how Oliver responds.

Which brings me to the next question: Who is Oliver?

Rogue fans should recognize him. Think about his description; his height; his running from responsibility; and who can forget those pale blue eyes? Yes. Oliver is Jaycent, had Jaycent been born in today’s era. Hence the title, “A Familiar Stranger”.

If you have any other questions about these stories or where they come from, please feel free to leave a comment. I would be more than happy to explain. However, rest assured the real Elli (me) is doing just fine. 🙂


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