Once Upon a Time (in Naples)

Once upon a time there was a princess who for most of her life dreamed of a place where happily ever after existed. She read books and imagined adventures about rogues, princes, and unicorns in lands far away from her own. It was odd how real those stories felt as they unfolded. She envisioned trials by fire and courage carved from the grating clash of steel against armor. Not the kind silly heroes somehow acquired naturally. No. This was real courage, hard earned and worn like a badge upon her heroes’ scars.

She lived in a castle where the windows were large, and the sun illuminated the pearlescent sheen of the smooth marble floors. Outside, the hills were vast and green and every day she could see riders on white steeds galloping across the well worn path, their silver lances always close at hand. It was a grand and beautiful home which she shared with her fair haired prince, whose name was none other than Charming.

Wait. Hold on. There’s something thing I forgot to mention. You see, once upon a time is really now, and the land this princess resides is Florida. Naples, to be exact. Her adventures mark the the pages of published books, and yes, they’ve been a part of her since she was a little girl.

Her rented castle spans across three rooms and the marble is fake, but she doesn’t really care. It’s bright and beautiful all the same. Charming is real though they aren’t married. Not yet, but hopefully one day, when the timing is right. The rolling hills all have holes and the steeds are gulf carts, but now we’re just poking at minute details.

You see, sometimes I think life is like a parable. It isn’t the facts that make the story, but what we take away from it.

What do you think?

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