Here and Now

“Somewhere in the midst of chaos, creativity flourishes.”

It’s not an exact quote. More like an abbreviation of what I heard in an episode of “The Carrie Diaries” on Netflix. I loved it though because it was something I could relate to.

I work 60 hour weeks while balancing deadlines, Prince Charming, and a social life. Yesterday I was so exhausted I hardly left the giant chair in our living room the entire day. Granted, my previous workday lasted from 8:30am to 4am the next morning. I thought I’d be annoyed about that, but I wasn’t.

These next few weeks will be a juggling act. If I sat back and actually looked at my schedule I would probably have a panic attack. Yet I’ve found that when I simply mark my calendar and take the world day by day, hour by hour… the stress dissipates.

It’s not a schedule lately. It’s just life. I’ve found when I live in the moment and stop worrying about what I have to do next (worry or not, I’ll be doing these things either way), things just happen and it’s okay. I make it through. The long days aren’t as long as they look when I’m not counting the hours until they’re over.

How many times do we find ourselves worrying about what is to come? What if we spent less time worrying about the past or the future and simply focused on right here and right now? The art of living in the moment seems to become more elusive to us as we grow older, but we should strive to hold onto it.

The things we miss while getting stuck in our heads aren’t repeatable. We experience time as a linear progression. There is no traveling backward. There is only the present as we move forward. This is why we need to stay in the here and now.

Think about it. You don’t read a book just to get to the end. The joy of reading lies in the experience that led to the end. Life is the same way.

Be there when it happens.

One thought on “Here and Now

  1. I can use the empathy …
    the time, that as we conceive it, is articulated on several lines (levels)… the verticality that ranges from different places to the horizontality one, in which (as you said) we subtly waste time in thinking about what has been, losing the concept of the “here and now”.
    I wish you the most intriguing time… creating stunning plots that will enchant your readers!
    see you soon… :-)claudine

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