Simply Elli

Simply Elli.

Simply Elli.

Who am I? What defines me? What am I supposed to be? Through the years, I’ve found a plethora of ways to describe myself.

I’m your typical mixed bred American. A blend of Sicilian, Scottish, Welsh, Cherokee, and probably many other things. I’m a fantasy writer, a painter, and a gamer. I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons and Legend of Zelda (yes, all of them), and I own a stuffed Pikachu that travels with me across the states.

My father is a Sicilian cowboy and former marine. My mother is a talented, independent woman with a wealth of courage that once carried her alone to a foreign country. I look into my family’s past and I see more cowboys, a medicine woman, musicians, a vice president… all of them fall into a pattern of leaders and free thinkers who pave their own path.

Chief and my father at an event we put on in 2012. One of my favorite photos of my dad. It embodies him well.

Chief and my father at an event we put on in 2012. One of my favorite photos of my dad. It embodies him well.

Then I look at who I am today. I live in a city I enjoy, but I feel most at home alone on a mountain where the wind speaks without uttering a word. I feel the presence of God in silence and nature, yet I was raised Christian in a brick and mortar church. Sometimes I feel like my spirit is torn between religion and something simpler, and yet much bigger, that’s called to me for as long as I can remember. It used to seem like a contradiction, until I realized who I am fits between it all.

I don’t have to choose one way to define myself. I fill in the pages of a legacy that started countless centuries before me, and one day I will pass the book along to another. I will die, but the story will continue with a little of myself inside of another person, just as I carry pieces of the ones who came before me.

I am not one person, but a piece of a whole, like a thread within a tapestry. Who I am is the product of a myriad of lives that led to me, and I am continuously molded by my own thoughts, views, and decisions. I carry the baton of my ancestors combined into one person, and when I look at my reflection, I see the pieces of those who came before me.

Those are the pieces that form Elli. Not just one lineage, or one parent, or one generation. I am all of it and then some… for I am me as well. An individual interconnected as I add to the legacy.

My legacy, until one day I pass it on to someone else.


6 thoughts on “Simply Elli

  1. Impressed… since I’m a Word citizen… without a so-called-identity, since the body is mortal and our soul is eternal! I love the way you describe you family, which create ties and belongings, shall we thank’s God that we are sometimes ables to get from our DNA the forgotten stories? Don’t know… but I do love to write about it… as you do, indeed!
    and I have a teddybear… stuffed with straw, ’cause he’s 53 years old 😉 which travels with me across my dreams! Hugs to you, dear Elisabeth :-)claudine

    • I find the more I learn about my family and the ones who came before me, the more I understand myself. It’s a gift, truly! And it’s amazing to see how God weaves our lives together.

      This teddy bear of yours sounds like he’s full of character! I’d love to see him! 🙂 Have you ever blogged about him before? I’m sure he has a thousands stories he could tell. 😉

      As always, it’s such a pleasure to hear from you Claudine! I hope you’re doing well.

    • I remember those late night porch talks! It’s hard to forget conversations like those. They’re the kind that are honest, soul bearing, and real. Good to hear from you, friend. 🙂

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