Animal Medicine

Did you know the porcupine has 30,000 poisonous quills? Their first instinct when approached by another animal is to either run or attack. They use their quills to wound and chase off others, but their defense also inevitably causes the porcupine to remain alone. He may not have many predators, but the porcupine lives his life as a solitary creature.

Then there’s the wolf. The wolf is a social animal. He lives within a pack where they work together, hunt together, play together, and when they find a mate, they mate for life. Living is a joint effort where they celebrate and mourn as one. If a member is lost, they do not play or carry on like nothing happened. Often times they will visit the place where they lost their companion, call for them, and howl songs of mourning. They deal with life’s successes and struggles as a pack. Each one is acknowledged as an individual, yet at the same time they work together… as one family.

Which of these animals can you relate to?

Which do you want to be?

Emulate the one whose life you desire. Within their actions resides the keys to life and relationships.

(After reading this over, I cannot help but hear Tobi’s voice in these words. Perhaps you’ll see this in later Rogue books.)

3 thoughts on “Animal Medicine

  1. That’s a tough one, they both have a lot of wisdom from observing. If I did have to choose though, I’d say wolf. There’s something about their eyes that says they see more than we are led to believe.

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