It Started with Merlin

I will never forget my surprise the day Charming came home with an unexpected announcement. Being a writer (and a habitual composer of facebook statuses) I felt compelled to post a public notice warning of what fate would soon bestow upon our community:

“My better half came home last night with a smile on his face and proclaimed, “I bought a sword!” Then he proceeded to show me pictures of it.

I would just like to publicly state that I fully support this financial investment.

Also, as a public service I would like to warn the state of Florida that he has every intention of wielding it.”

Friends, if you have ever met Charming then you would know swords are not the first thing one would associate with him. He’s the “cool guy” in our relationship; the savvy cyclist whose sense of style far exceeds my own.

I think his new fascination may have begun with Merlin. It’s a show we discovered on Netflix a few months ago and have been watching it almost every night since. He wasn’t a fan of it in the beginning. I think the word he used was, “cheesy.” However, like the taste of coffee, it eventually grew on him.

I thought little about how this immersion into the medieval would affect him. Not until last week when I came home to him watching my limited edition, extended box sets of The Lord of the Rings. He watched all three of them willingly and on his own accord within a span of two days.

It didn’t make any sense, until it came.

Ladies and gentlemen... the blade of Robin of Locksley.

Ladies and gentlemen… the blade of Robin of Locksley.

Perhaps he intends to become a modern day Robin Hood. We do live in a city owned by the rich and retired. However, I understood the moment he picked up the sword that his sudden interest in medieval/fantasy films was just research in how to wield it.

“Do you know how many zombies I could slay with this?” he boasted.

I smiled, for that was the real Charming speaking. He’s just acquired a new… hobby?

Already, he has been looking at more of them, including Anduril, Aragorn’s blade. I don’t know what to do, but from the sound of it our house may become an armory before the year is up.

And strangely enough… I’m okay with it.


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