To reach a peak…

To reach a peak…

pika peak

…you must first climb the mountain.

When I travel, Pikachu almost always tags along. It’s amazing what this little mouse can teach you along the way. We hiked North Carolina’s south mountain with my father and Charming in July. Somewhere between the great tumble of stones and cascading waterfalls I felt a small piece of wisdom whispering to my heart:

“To reach a peak, you must first climb the mountain.”

It seems simple, doesn’t it? Just follow the trail, eventually you’ll get to the top. Yet as you set into the climb, you feel the burn in your calves. You look up and realize the mountain that looked so small when you approached now seems to scale into the heavens. You think, “Is this really possible?”

My father says the only way to tackle a mountain is to take it one step at a time. We stopped several times to marvel at the beautiful landscape around us. The trickling creeks; water worn stones; boulders bigger than my car. I didn’t walk with blinders. I tread with eyes wide open as my mind drifted to the centuries that came before ours. What was it like to live on this land when it was wild and untamed? Standing on the bridges, we took pause. I embraced the crisp mist of the falls as they crashed upon the rocks and pictured people just like me but from generations before mine, sprawling themselves on those very rocks and enjoying the same cooling breeze. I dipped my hair into the water and felt its refreshing touch.

All the while, we kept moving forward at our own pace until we made it to the top. The hike wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t impossible either. Not when we took our time and enjoyed the journey. And I found at the end as I stood in front of the great falls, it wasn’t the top that I enjoyed most, but the journey to it.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

What peak are you climbing toward?

Are you enjoying the journey along the way?




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