What Doth My Royal Ears Hear? (Interview with Milo Kasateno, Part 3)

For the last two weeks Elli’s team member, Topher, has been interviewing Milo Kasateno, a character from Elizabeth’s debut novel, The Royal Rogue. (If you missed it, you can catch up by reading Part 1 and Part 2). Through the weeks though, someone caught wind of these QnA’s…

Let’s see what happened.

Milo and Jayce Banner Watermarked

TOPHER: Welcome back folks! We have Milo Kasateno here with us again. Last week, Milo, you told us how you came to discover Prince Connor’s feelings toward Levee were very similar to your own.

MILO: Well yeah, he loved—

(A cloaked figure opens the door and walks boldly into the interview room. With a disgruntled jerk, he pulls out a chair from the table and plops down, his arms crossed.)

TOPHER: (raises both eyebrows) Hello, and who are you?

MILO: (sighs) Took ya long enough.

STRANGER: (shoots what looks to be a glare from under his cowl before flipping the fabric back, revealing his face.) My apologies, Topher. After reading the first two interviews, I thought it necessary to introduce myself and set a few records straight. (Folding his hands, the newcomer rests his elbows on his knees) I am the “lush” Milo calls Prince Connor.

MILO: (shakes his head) I said afterward it ain’t a fair thing t’ call ya. We all know ya got plenty o’ reasons to hit the bottle.

PRINCE CONNOR: That was before when I was lost, confused.. angry. I didn’t understand my purpose then. I am a different person these days.

TOPHER: (nods in understanding) Who are you now, Prince Connor?

MILO: Well he ain’t a prince anymore.

TOPHER: I’m sorry Milo, but the question was for Jaycent.

PRINCE CONNOR: I suppose that depends on who you ask.

TOPHER: That’s an interesting response. Are you saying your identity varies depending on who you talk to?

PRINCE CONNOR: (narrows his pale blue eyes) I am whoever I must be to achieve my goal.

TOPHER: What goal?

MILO: C’mon, Topher. Even I know that. He’s gonna destroy the beast they call Shadow Silverhorn. (tosses the prince an annoyed look) Levee thinks yer dead, ya know. I did too. Shoulda known better. Killin’ you is like tryin’ to  kill a cockroach.

PRINCE CONNOR: (rolls his eyes) Watch it, Sarrokian. You may not be as resilient as I am.

(Milo chuckles to himself, but otherwise heeds the prince’s words.)

TOPHER: I assume you plan to tell Levee you’re alive? I’m sure she’s concerned.

PRINCE CONNOR: (slowly shakes his head) It would be better for her if she never found out.

MILO: (smirks) Easy for you to say. You don’t see the way she cries herself to sleep every night.

TOPHER: But you do, Milo.

MILO: I’m her guardian. Someone’s gotta watch over her.

PRINCE CONNOR: (clenches his fist) Levee is much stronger than you give her credit for. However, you wouldn’t know that, would you? You never give her the chance to prove herself.

MILO: (launches to his feet) Who are you to talk about chances? You abandoned her!

PRINCE CONNOR: (The prince sits for several moments, letting the silence grow thick between them. Then he rises slow and composed, his 6’4 frame towering over the Sarrokian farmer) I saved her life and yours. Be thankful.

MILO: Thankful? (he scoffs) I think I liked you better when I thought you were dead.

TOPHER: (clears his throat) I think that is enough for today. Prince Connor, perhaps you can join us some other time for your own interview?

PRINCE CONNOR: (studies Topher through narrowed eyes for several moments. He then smirks and walks about the door, slamming it behind him.

TOPHER: Or maybe not…

MILO: Try not to take it personally. He’s always like that. (tips his hat) Thanks for the chat, sirrah. Felt good to get some of that off my chest. Maybe you should be a head doc. (he taps the back of the chair before making his leave) Good day to ya.


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