What’s in a Name?

Where do you come up with the names for your characters, and how do you pronounce them?

To be honest, I don’t have a set formula for naming my characters. Each member of the Rogue gang acquired their names in different ways.

Levee received her name because it personified her character. She’s the dam that holds Jaycent (or Jaspur) together, and a support for Milo and Tay.

Patchi and Tobiano are named for the markings on their face.

Jaycent… poor Jaycent… was named in geometry class my sophomore year of high school. I was doodling a design for a new character while we were studying triangles. My teacher kept using the word “adjacent”, and I thought “Adjacent… Jacent… Jaycent sounds good.” Like that, our fearless hero was born.

Then there are others like Rayhan, Arelee, Diego, and Milo where it’s been so many years, I really can’t remember where their names came from.

Below is a list of pronunciations for all of my main and secondary characters, though I try throughout the books to spell each name the way it sounds:

character collage banner

Jaycent Connor (Jay-sent Con-oar)

Levee Tensley (Lev-ee Ten-slee)

Milo Kasateno (My-low Cas-uh-teen-oh)

Rayhan Mendeley (Ray-hawn Men-dell-ay)

Arelee Denicarli (Are-lee Den-eh-car-lee)

Tobiano Lightning Dancer (Toe-bee-ah-no)

Patchi (Pat-chee)

Kotu (koh-too)

Bardo (Bar-doe)

Pip (Pip)

Nadel Elderberry (Nay-dell)

Elessara Redwood (El-ess-sar-uh)

Halin Redwood (Hall-en)

King Mekkai (Mek-eye)

Sadikaye Kasateno (Saw-dee-ky-eh Cas-uh-teen-oh)

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