The Face of Chivalry

Chivalry's Code_Elli

Above is the cover art for Elli’s upcoming novel, Chivalry’s Code, which was illustrated by Alicia Froelicher.

When Rayhan Mendeley was barely 21, he became the general of a prospering kingdom. He filled the boots of his father, but he did not carry on his legacy. His heart was too strong for that.

Bound to an oath called Chivalry’s Code, Rayhan carved his own reputation. Not a legend coated in blood like his predecessor, but a story of courage, honor, and—most importantly—heart.

This year you will have the chance to go back in time and hear the story Rayhan never told in The Royal Rogue. It’s a tale about the hardest order he ever had to follow. The one that tested his moral code, and forced him to choose an ultimatum between love and the line of duty.

Will you join him?

Chivalry’s Code will release in 2013.

3 thoughts on “The Face of Chivalry

  1. You made the Characters so real to me- describing them in such a manner I could see them as they entered upon their journey. In saying that, I am left heart token by the end of The Royal Rogue, lingering to know what will become of the beautiful bonds shared between the two matched souls now seperated. 😦

    I am curious to the next book- but probably more so to discover what becomes of m two favorite characters!!!! 🙂

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