No Holds Barred

Hey friends,

We’ve been making a lot of changes and addition to Elli Writes (Maybe you’ve noticed…?). The newest one we’re working on is a “Behind the Scenes” section where we want to open up the author and her rogue’s world to you. We will be sharing years of artwork, and offering up the opportunity to get to know Elli, Jaycent, and the gang through questions submitted by you. Whether you’re a fan, friend, writer, follower, or stranger passing through, you’re welcome to ask anything.

When we relaunch, we will be answering questions weekly. If you’re a blogger/writer, we will feature your website along with the question. Just leave a comment or submit your question via the form on the Behind the Scenes page.

Don’t be shy. We want to hear from you! So please, let us know if there’s anything you want to see, hear, or ask.

-Elli’s team

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