A romance author embarrassed by romance?

Chivalry’s Code beckoned my attention within minutes of approving Rogue’s 2nd Edition for publication. No surprise there. What woman doesn’t enjoy diving into an alluring story filled with sword fights, deception, and unrequited love?

The truth is though… I’m nervous. This is my first attempt at a full fledged love story. Sure, my first novel had a taste of romance (Levee and Jaycent are an adorably dysfunctional couple), but this is different. This time it isn’t about self-identity, trials, or a kingdom in peril.

It’s about the heart wanting what it wants, and the world saying you can’t have it.

So far I’ve let my characters take the reins. It was going well until I encountered an embarrassing situation.

“They just did what?!”

Have you been there? It’s that awkward moment where your characters are locked in the heat of passion and all you can think is, “Dear God, what will my mother say when she reads this?”

Let’s face it. I can’t be held accountable for what my characters do.  They have a mind of their own. Just because they do it (hehe… get it? Because they… yeah, okay.) doesn’t mean I would. But I can just picture all my friends and family reading these scenes and looking at me a little, well… differently.

But I’m a writer.

My characters aren’t based on real people and their stories don’t stem from true events. That’s the beauty of fiction. So why is this so hard?

Because some people can’t tell the difference.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t care what people think. Yet part of me feels like I’m breaking ground in territory some of my readers aren’t going to like. It’s intimidating. I’m from a small town in North Carolina. What will they think of a book about a forbidden love affair?

We’ll see, I suppose. Chivalry’s Code is a part of a world that stands on it’s own, and I would be doing Rayhan an injustice by censoring his story.

So what will I do?

I’ll grab a Holy GrAil, sit my keister down, and write Rayhan’s story the way it unfolded.

After all, that’s my job.

Holy Grail Ale. It's better... because it's tempered with burning witches.

Holy Grail Ale. It’s better… because it’s tempered over burning witches.

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