CALLING ALL WRITERS: Want to be a Guest Blogger for Elli Writes?


While I continue to focus on my upcoming titles, I am welcoming guest bloggers to fill the lonely, silent void on Elli Writes. If you’re a writer looking to get some exposure, this is a perfect opportunity. Your work will immediately be sent to hundreds of subscribers and promoted through multiple social media outlets.

Of course, there are a few requirements.

  • The post must be an original article or blog providing factual and beneficial information on writing, editing, or publishing.
  • Both the completed article and the website you want backlinked must be sent to me for approval before I agree to to publish your work as a feature (Please note, only personal websites or sites considered useful to my audience will be promoted via Elli Writes. I appreciate my audience and will never them to spam pages).
  • The work must maintain professional quality in both its grammar and content.

If you feel your website and work meets these qualifications, please e-mail your submission and backlink to with the subject line “Guest Post”. I will review your work, and if approved, e-mail you the date in which your feature will be posted.

I know there are countless talented writers out there. One of the visions I have for Elli Writes is to be a website that supports new and independent writers. I am scouting for a couple of “regulars” to write pieces for Elli Writes on a monthly or even weekly basis. If this is something you are interested in, let me know. I will consider it along with your submission.


2 thoughts on “CALLING ALL WRITERS: Want to be a Guest Blogger for Elli Writes?

    • Claudine!

      I cannot believe this comment slipped off my radar. I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I know the majority of my subscribers speak English, but DO let me know as soon as your novel has an English translation. I would love to feature it on Elli Writes (and read it for myself!). 🙂

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