Recently, I took up a hobby in bike riding. It’s healthy, a lot less painful than running, and I liked the freedom of getting out of the neighborhood and exploring different places. Plus, Charming is a cyclist, so it’s like having my own personal coach teaching me the ropes.

I learned riding a bike is a lot like driving a car. You follow the same traffic rules. Except with bikes you gain a keen understanding of headwind and tailwind. It’s not something you’ll notice much in a vehicle unless you’re going through a hurricane. But man, if there’s one thing I’ve learned…

Headwind’s a %#!@$. You work twice as hard to go half as fast.

Half of my ride this morning consisted of headwind, and about 3/4 of the way through I caught sight of a rode that would cut my typical circuit short. I debated taking it. I would cover less distance, sure. But I would spend just as much time on my bike as before. It seemed reasonable, right?

Halfway through my reasoning, I realized what I was doing. It was just an excuse. I felt tired, but I more than had it in me to finish what I started. I ignored the shortcut and finished my route. And honestly? Once I got home I realized it wasn’t even that bad.

This is why I don’t like shortcuts. They seem so appealing at the time, but they’re really just a means to cut ourselves short. There’s no improvement. No growth. Just gratification of having to invest less in achieving our goal.

Guys, lately I’ve been stressed beyond belief with these deadlines. Rogue is garnering attention, and with it so many good things have followed. Sales have picked up. The book is being featured in the June edition of Lake Norman Currents as part of their summer reading list.

But expectations have also risen with it’s success, and I’m finding there isn’t enough time in a day to make it all happen on time.

I talked it over with some folks and came to the conclusion we needed a new set of deadlines. Rogue’s second edition will release before Chivalry’s Code. It needs to. Jaycent’s story is reaching a broader audience, and a relaunch with the updated manuscript needs to happen before it grows too quickly. Yes, I could throw a quick, edited version together and have it hot off the press in a few weeks. Or I could sit down and do what I promised, polishing the story and releasing it with new content.

Like I said before, I’m not a shortcut kind of gal.

So I’ll be pushing back the release date for Chivalry’s Code. Not far. Probably just until June or July. The manuscript is close to being done, but it’s not perfect. Not yet. And with my illustrator also requesting an extended deadline, I thought it best to take our time, finish our “circuit”, and do this book right.

The newest version of The Royal Rogue will release at the end of May or some time in June, depending on how long it takes to format. I’ll keep you updated as things progress, but for now I just need to take some time, pace myself, and finish what I started.

I appreciate your patience, and I hope you understand.

Thank you, friends.



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