Frequently Asked Questions for #Project A.W.O.L.


I’ve been receiving several e-mails lately from folks who have questions about a not-so-little thing called Project A.W.O.L. I recently became a part of. A lot of questions. Below is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been receiving:

1) What is Project A.W.O.L.?
Project A.W.O.L. is a movement empowering people to take hold of their lives and become financially independent. The company behind it is called Empower Network and their name really sums them up. Empower Network offers a marketing program to entrepreneurs and bloggers seeking financial success. There are two ways to “get in” on the program: either as an affiliate (selling their marketing program) or an entrepreneur (purchasing and utilizing their marketing program to sell your own product or services).

I, personally, am doing both. I use their marketing program as a writer to reach a broader audience who will be interested in my books and services. Then I signed on to sell their product because I saw it was simple and it worked.

2) Do I need to be computer savvy?
Not at all! Check out some of the testimonials in this video. I’ve talked to people like them who are involved in the program and actually make a living from their earnings through Empower Network. The program sets up a blog for you if you do not already have one, cutting out the techy part so you can focus on the 8 core steps to success.

3) After I pay to get in, what other costs will I have to pay?
This was the part I was iffy on at first, but it’s actually really simple and really affordable. To become a member, it’s $25/month. There are no subscriptions/commitments you get tied into. You can quit at any time by simply going to your Empower Network dashboard and clicking “cancel”.

To become an affiliate, it is an extra $19.97/month. That’s it. There are other programs you can sign onto later (which I would recommend if you’re looking to make blogging your career), though right now what you see above is all I pay. No more, no less.

4) Have you made your money back?
Yes. Within less than a week of signing on board, I have seen an 80% increase in my web traffic, drawn in new commissions for my editing services, AND I am currently working with other bloggers who are interested in signing up with Empower Network.

5) How happy are you with this program?
I’m extremely satisfied. More than I ever expected to be, really. I’ve picked up on priceless marketing tips I utilize daily and actually see results for. I was telling Charming the other day, I spend $25/month on something that’s taught me more than my Bachelor’s degree, and I paid thousands for that!

Even if you don’t become an affiliate, the lessons and tips they teach are priceless. Especially for indie writers like myself who market their own books and services.

6) What makes this program different from the others?
This is my first affiliate marketing program, so I can’t say exactly. But the thing that’s stood out to me with Empower Network is you don’t go into this venture alone. You’re part of a team that provides daily encouragement, support, and assistance. Like their name, Empower Network is extremely empowering, one-on-one, and personable.

7) Do you need to know a lot of people online, because I do not.

You don’t because you’ll meet them and learn to network. Empower Network will show you how to build an audience and generate traffic that turns into leads. If you do not have Facebook, I would highly suggest you sign up for it simply because your team will have a private page on there where you can communicate, ask questions, and share tips with one another. Plus, we utilize the page for online meetings and news. But there’s no experience necessary. You learn along the way.

8) How quickly do you start making money?
That depends on where you are in blogging and, more importantly, how eager you are to start making a profit. Their mantra seems to be, “Don’t be a wussy.” It’s funny, but it makes sense. You can’t sign up and expect the program to do all the work for you. You must utilize the tips they give you and follow them exactly, step by step, without jumping or skipping or slacking around. If they say blog every day, you blog every day. If they say market every day, you market every day. 

But the formula works. I’ve seen it myself.

9) Do you go around your community passing out flyers, making calls, and networking?
For writing, heck yes I communicate with my community. But that’s part of my work as a local author, not the route with Empower Network. Empower Network actually prides themselves on not having to make those dreaded cold calls to people. You blog, you answer people’s questions and make connections, but the hardest work is done for you. Traffic builds an audience and generates leads so you don’t have to go out and hunt them down yourself.

10) Where’s the catch?

You have to pull your weight. Don’t sign up and think you can sit back and do nothing. Blog it, share it, answer your e-mails! But really, there is no fine print or dirty catch. Your success is solely up to you. The question is are you ready to go all in and make it happen?

I hope that helps clear up a few things for you all! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Just contact me via the Contact tab on the top menu bar.

Chase your dreams, y’all. Whatever they entail, make them happen. It’s up to you.



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