Freedom by the Blood of our Compatriots

Carlton_OCSMy brother is a Marine Captain, a daredevil, and a brilliant thinker who, when he steps upon his soap box, often speaks words that will demand attention. Not because he is always controversial, but because he often has a point. Going with the trend this week, I’m making him my “guest blog” using a status he wrote on Facebook yesterday. In the wake of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, I believe his words are worth sharing:

“People keep dropping statuses asking why or how did this attack occur. It’s simple— our freedom.

Because of our freedom we can walk the streets of America without identification or explanation of our cause or action.

Because of freedom we can carry backpacks and drive cars to and from home and work without explaining our items and motives to seven different police checkpoints.

This freedom also enables assholes to move sight unseen among us to perpetrate heinous acts of violence. In the coming days people will say we must do something more to stop this from happening again. The question I pose to that is what freedoms are worth your safety?

What is the value of safety?

Most importantly, while this mostly asinine debate will rage on in the media, remember good Americans were killed and injured exercising these freedoms we cherish, and pray for their families. Being free is dangerous. Let us all not forget the risk we accept with our great American gift paid for by the blood of our compatriots.”


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