NEWS: Revisit Rayhan’s Past in Chivalry’s Code this May

This summer, readers will have the chance to go back in time and join a very young Rayhan in the mission that changed his life.

It’s the story Jaycent begged for in The Royal Rogue, but Rayhan never told.

Chivalry’s Code

Chivalrys Code Banner

Above is a design sketch of the young general, Rayhan Mendeley, as illustrated by Alicia Froelicher. Froelicher, who read and illustrated The Royal Rogue, is currently designing the cover of Chivalry’s Code.

Stationed in Whitewood with his father’s bloody legacy pinning hateful eyes on his every move, General Mendeley must prove to the elves he’s not his predecessor, and his people are worthy of the alliance he was sent to establish.

At first, convincing them seems impossible. Then he meets Elessara, an alluring elven historian whose tempting offer of love could be his key to peace.

Or the cause of a second brutal war.

An excerpt will be released soon. If you haven’t already, subscribe via the right hand side of the page so you can be one of the first to read Elizabeth Carlton’s next novel, expected to release in late May or early June.


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