I can’t believe I’m writing this post already

PrintA few days ago, I wrote a blog about this thing called #Project AWOL I happened across. It sounded like your typical affiliate gimmick at first, but after I did some research I realized these guys were seeing real results, so I decided to try it myself. Then I faithfully promised to let you all know how it really panned out.

Two days after I paid the $25 bucks to get in the network I saw an 80% increase in my website traffic.

Eighty percent.

Holy cannolis! I haven’t even invested a penny in marketing yet!

Anyway, I just thought that was a tidbit worth sharing. It really is impressive what these guys are offering. People pay thousands for college degrees that don’t even teach this (I would know. I’m still paying for mine…).

If any of you are marketing a product or are looking to make money blogging, I highly suggest you check out Empower Network. Just click the AWOL banner on the right side of my page to sign up and see for yourself.

Even if you only sign up for one month, I swear it’s worth all $25 measly bucks you invest in it.

Eighty percent traffic increase in 48 hours

Good grief.


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