Your One Thing

I talk to aspiring writers every day who tell me, “Elli, I want to do what you do.” Every time, I respond enthusiastically with, “Okay, so do it.”

Then what happens? Honestly, for most people… nothing. Too many stop before they get started thinking the people who make it are different from them. To be successful you have to be better, special, more talented (blah, blah blah blahblah).

Y’all, I’m a 25 year old author, writing coach, and freelance writer. I didn’t accomplish this because I’m something special. It didn’t happen as an overnight success. It happened because one day I decided I was going to be  a writer, and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

The pen is my passion. I wrote my first story in 4th grade, then I started writing online fiction in 8th grade. I completed the original manuscript for The Royal Rogue when I was a freshman in high school. You see, I started early, investing ten thousand or more hours into an art I didn’t even make a penny on.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I began freelance writing professionally. It started with an internship at my local newspaper, then I moved on to national mags like AMP Magazine. I researched publications, made contacts, and in the midst of it all I received at least a thousand ‘no’s. But you know what? Between those ‘no’s were ‘yes’s and I took advantage of each one as they came.

In May of 2010, I graduated with the same dulling prospects as many college grads. My excellent resume showed little potential in the working world as I watched publications fold and local work slim down. It seemed like my choices were either move to a city I hated or settle on a Regular Joe sort of job.

But I wanted to be a writer.

That was my one thing. My one dream.

I despaired a little after college. I gave in, settled for a retail gig in the gaming industry. But in January o

f 2012, I woke up fed up. My dreams were still with me and it had nothing to do with sitting behind a cash wrap. So I said to myself I would write a novel and sell it on my own if I had to.

In September of 2012, I self-published The Royal Rogue and I did it because I buckled down, set a goal, formed a plan, and took action.

This May, I will release my second novel, Chivalry’s Code.

In December, The Rogue Returns.

This isn’t magic, folks. It’s the product of effort, action, smart/achievable planning, investment, and business.

In my last blog, I asked you what you did today to achieve your dream.

What is your one thing? Pinpoint your goal today.

Now buckle down, suck it up, and realize your dreams are in instilled within you for a reason.

Make your passion happen. Start your plan right now.

What are you waiting for?


What is your one thing?

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3 thoughts on “Your One Thing

  1. Reblogged this on On the Road to Damascus and commented:
    A reblog of an extremely talented author. In my post “It’s Saturday, but Sunday is coming” I talked about how God resurrects our dreams, and that he is working on our behalf even when he seems silent. But it is also up to us to work toward our dreams, so I thought it fitting to reblog this post here. Enjoy!

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