NEWS: Gaming CAN be productive. Also, expect a new e-book release this summer


This is Pikachu sorting my mail. Why? Because I’m a writer and I can’t afford to pay for my own assistant…

Lately, I’ve been writing some reviews and articles for a gaming beat on Mostly, I do this for my own personal entertainment as well as to keep myself brushed up on the good ol’ AP style format. But if you’re a gamer, feel free to subscribe and follow my Pokemon and zombie infused ramblings at

For Rogue fans, I also have a bundle of exciting news! You won’t have to wait until December to read the next rahee themed tangle of love, romance, and betrayal.


Well no… but don’t look too disappointed! Rayhan Mendeley will receive his very own e-book this summer! The working title is Chivalry’s Code, and the framework for this e-novel is already complete along with two out of thirteen chapters!

So for those of you who have been itching to know more about the elven love affair mentioned briefly in that oh-so-cliff-hanging chapter in The Royal Rogue, get ready to have your appetite whet!

A page will be added for this tasty little morsel soon.

As for the second book in the Rogue trilogy, it’s still expected to release this December.

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