Charming and the Yellow Mouse

Lately, there has been a battle ensuing within my home. Maybe it’s jealousy, or maybe it’s just a show of testosterone between the males in this household. Nevertheless, Charming has raised a call for war against my little yellow mouse…

and he’s not afraid to ditch his honor in an effort to win.

I picked up on the tension between Pika and Charming soon after the horrible Ice Cream Incident of 2012. I think my pikachu blames Charming for the surgery he had to have after too much stuffing split him at the seams. Ever since then, Pika has been watching him with cautious vigilance. Vigilance that has proven wise to keep.

It started with side remarks. “He’s not sweet,” Charming would say. “You should hear what he says when you’re not here.”

Nonsense! Pika isn’t even a year old. Besides, everyone knows pikachus only know one word, and that’s their name.

“He’s a liar!” Charming would claim.

Really? With this face?


I rolled my eyes and thought nothing of it. Yet as time went by, things escalated. First, the signs were subtle. Like when I walked into the bedroom on movie night and found my little yellow baby tied up in a blanket.

pika bundle

Was this a hostage situation or a friendly gesture? Pika didn’t seem to mind, though he’s rather naive when it comes to devious intentions. I dealt Charming a skeptical look, noting his mischievous smile. But my prince said nothing more about it so I let the incident slide.

Weeks went by and remarks were exchanged here and there. Charming gradually carved a hobby out of teasing my little pokemon. But it all seemed to stem from a playful nature until one night I receive a text saying, “Yumm, dinner!” with this inside:

oven pika


I raced home as fast as I could, desperate to save little Pika! Thankfully, he was fine and it was pizza on the plate, not pikachu.

But it begs the question: are these just boyish games or is my poor yellow mouse in danger? It’s hard to tell. I’m steering toward the former though, because sometimes… just sometimes… I catch them in adorable moments that make me think…

charming and pika playing far cry

Perhaps they really like each other after all. They just have unusual ways of showing it.

2 thoughts on “Charming and the Yellow Mouse

  1. This happens a lot with my sock monkey and Eric. Now, my sock monkey has been with me (in different forms) since I was three months old. However, I didn’t understand his full personality until Eric and I moved in together. He’s a little by psychotic! But, it’s hard for me to tell if it’s really my sock monkey acting that way, or Eric egging him on.

    We’ll get through this.

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