Want to Win a FREE signed copy of The Royal Rogue?

ImageDo I have your attention yet? 🙂

I hope so! This is the easiest contest in the books, y’all (no pun intended). Most of us have a Facebook page. So why not try to win something awesome with all that social surfing?

Entering is easy and can be done in three quick steps:

1) Make sure you’ve gone to The Royal Rogue Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/TheRoyalRogue) and clicked the “Like” box at the top right of the page to become a fan.

2) Share the page, invite your friends and have at least ONE of them “Like” The Royal Rogue to become a fan of the page as well.

3) Leave a post tagging/listing at least 1 friend you had join this page and I will drop your name in the bowl for the free book drawing at the end of March.

**MULTIPLE ENTRIES POSSIBLE! For every 5 friends you get to join the page, you will receive 1 extra entry into the drawing.**

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