Rogue Characters Hit Canvas

SeaHorse in Progress

A work in progress based on Diego in the second book of the Rogue trilogy. Tentatively titled “Sea Horse”, the colors were chosen to match the walls of our living room (24×48 acrylic and sharpie).

It’s been about a month since I moved to Florida and it seems my muse has decided to run rampant. Perhaps its a new environment, a new home, and the excitement of it all.

Whatever the cause, it has me not only writing, but painting. For my birthday I received a $25 MasterCard giftcard which I immediately spent on a 24×48 inch canvas, six tubes of paint, sharpies, and an assortment of sponges. The aim was to create a painting to put on our living room wall, but Diego soon found his way into the picture along with a reignited desire to start painting again.

I’ve always dabbled in art. Those of you who have seen my character design sketches have seen about the extent of it though. Very rarely do I create a completed work. Most of the time I blame it on a lack of time, but I know that’s just an excuse. Whenever I put my mind to something I find the time to get it done. This painting certainly has proved that.

Above is the last snapshot I took of the work in progress. The piece is almost finished now, and I’m already itching to get my hands on my next paycheck so I can start on another. There are tons of galleries down here where local artists can showcase their work, and though I’m an amateur artist at best, the thought has crossed my mind to see if I can create a small collection and get a couple of pieces hanging up locally.

Whether I do or not, I’m enjoying the newly awakened inspiration. Between painting and penning chapters, it’s proved to be a productive month thus far!

How about you all? What does February have in store for you?


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