Let’s Talk Books

Ever since I started working on the next Rogue book, I’ve been branching out into reading completely different genres from my own (I do this to feed my reading appetite while avoiding any unintended influences in my own novel-in-progress). I’m typically a very picky reader, but my new Kindle has made branching out easier and far more affordable. I’ve found myself reading books I never would take a chance on if I found them in Barnes and Noble. One of them being a cheesy romance novel… yeah, you know, the sort you would find in the Walmart checkout?

Okay, before you judge me too much, Lakota Love Song by Madeline Baker has actually been a good read thus far. The characters are distinct and her writing is simple and smooth. Aside from several drooling moments where her detailed descriptions have seared his “rippling back muscles” into my memory, I’m really enjoying the plot and how its unfolding (plus, Baker’s Blue Hawk character is quite attractive… *sigh* don’t tell Charming).

What about you? What books have you read (or have been reading) lately?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Books

  1. i would recommend 1984 if you never read it…..or neuromancer by william gibson. currently reading spook country by the same author. very strange writing style that reveals a lot in description while forcing you to imagine and connect a lot of dots on your own. all kindof of sci fi ish. i need a new read myself..perhaps ican buy a copy of the royal rogue signed by the author soon? i would like to see you do a review on 50 hades of gray . i have not read it but i have heard a lot of disturbing things about it and i am kindof troubled that it is so popular with young women..and old for that matter. from what i understand it follows more like a child abuse story covered up by changing the age of the main charater.

    • Those sound interesting! It sounds like Gibson is the kind of author that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 🙂

      And absolutely! I have the softcover edition of The Royal Rogue in stock. I’m currently accepting PayPal orders only until February 1st due to a recent move. But if you’re interested in buying a copy, it’s $30.00 through me, and that covers the book, shipping/handling, and a few extra goodies that I include inside the copy. 🙂 You just send the payment to ECarlton@live.com with your mailing address and I’ll ship it within 1-3 business days.

  2. just noticed all my errors..i should stop commenting while at work! like now! i will email you now..need to figure out paypal..only used it once! but def by middle of next week. if not email me and remind me. scatterbrained! and gibson is good..i didnt flesh it out my comment very much..bad habit

    always wanted to write but man..i dont know how you do it! a lot of work just to write this comment!

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