How a Little Yellow Mouse Brightened My Life

“I think it’s more about just holding onto yourself and your energy, just to keep seeking out life and getting new experiences. The day you become old is the day you’re not looking for new experiences anymore. You need that; you need to do things that keep you alive.” -Billie Joe Armstrong

It was a warm, summery day in May at Carowinds. He was sitting on the wall of a carnival game with a thousand others just like himself. Small, overstuffed, with a little black drip mark on his nose that made him a little less than perfect compared to the others. All it took was a glance. I knew I had to have him.

I spent more than any sane person probably should to win the little guy. Immediately afterward, I started taking pictures with him. I’m not a huge gamer. I’m not even a huge Pokemon fan. I just liked this Pikachu. Something about his face made me smile. It still does.

The pictures we took that day were too much fun not to share. I had no idea they would spark a strange sort of trademark in my life. Pika is my travel buddy, and since I “adopted” him, he’s tagged along with me all over the east coast. I make it a point to be creative, posing him in difference places and meeting people who are willing to share a part in his photo documented adventures. I’ve met new people through him, had amazing conversations, and in a way he’s made my life brighter.

There’s a strange coupikarage behind walking around with a stuffed animal – particularly one so bright and obvious – and doing something out of the ordinary. In doing this, I’ve found a part of me willing to set aside what other people think for the sake of happy. It’s a liberating thing. People will stare. Some smile. Others look at you like you’re slightly off your rocker. But there’s a life lesson in there.

Sometimes in life there will be things you want to do that aren’t popular. People will say things to you about it, or look at you funny. Maybe it’s a dream you have that no one else believes in. Or perhaps it’s something else… perhaps it’s doing the right thing when no one else is willing to do it. Or believing in someone when everyone else has given up. The hardest thing in life it seems is the one thing that should come the easiest: trusting your gut.

Pika’s been a teacher to me in that respect. I follow my heart and my dreams so much more now than I once did. And you know what? I’ve found more joy in that than I’ve ever experienced in almost 25 years.

Below is a taste of some of our adventures:


Pika had a ravenous appetite when I first adopted him…


He was one of the first to read my debut novel, The Royal Rogue, when it was released in October!


When traveling through St. Augustine, we found a shield that looked awfully familiar… it seems a Hylian had been here previously! We hoped Link came back for it.


The guard at Castillo de San Marco who was thrilled to meet Pika! He knew exactly who he was when I pulled him out of my bag.


He even melts hearts made of stone…


While in Cocoa Village, Pika and I happened upon this handsome bloke. ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’d driven a long way just to spend the day with us and we watched manatees and dolphins until the sun set. I used to spend a lot of time on those very docks. I miss Cocoa a lot.


A couple of months later we returned to Florida, this time much farther south to a place called Naples! I didn’t know I would be calling this place home soon, but I should’ve known when I saw how well Pika fit in! He loved the lights on Fifth Avenue.


The little yellow mouse also took an interest in a new sport: cycling! He’s trying to convince Phil to train him to be a champ one day by showing him how suave he looked in his riding gear. I’d say it’s working for him!


One evening Pika was smuggled onto a sunset boat tour. He had to get his photo taken with the sunset!


Again, at Castillo de San Marco.

I should’ve known from the devious look on Charming’s face that this was a bad idea. Feeding Pika ice cream in a place called Tin City. A couple of days later, I found a hole in my little pikachu where his seams snapped from being overstuffed.

He wanted flying lessons…


He was fascinated by the gulf!


This is Nurse Melly, who doctored poor Pika after his terribly embarrassing seam accident.


Only seven months old and poor Pika has already experienced his first surgery! He’s doing much better now though, and will be seeing many more adventures in the near future!

7 thoughts on “How a Little Yellow Mouse Brightened My Life

  1. Elli…am a new (read: brand new) blogger ….n i don’t even know if its good manners to read puts this way…..n leave comments..
    butttt..girl! this was awesome…..i mean i actually lived d whole experience with You..n loved it……..a zest for life this ummazing !!
    i hear You ‘av a book coming up….one can only imagine how much better would that be………
    Oll d besties !!
    looking forward to more of such….:-)

  2. hey Ellie ….. ๐Ÿ™‚
    am a new blogger (read : brand new)
    roving about chanced upon Your article….. av to tell You….. it was a delightful read !!!!! This zeal O:-)
    looking forward to tons more like this…….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    n oll d besties for dat book of Yourz! ๐Ÿ™‚

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