Less is More

Less is More

When I sat down to write Rogue’s second book, I went into it with a different mindset. I had to. Jaycent is no longer the prince he started out as in the beginning. In fact, he is no longer Jaycent at all. His rogue alias, Jaspur Clovenhoof, has become his new identity, and with it came a whole new mood. Jaspur is a different entity, and I have to write him as such, so I approached Rogue’s Revenge with one thought in mind: less is more.

This started with stripping down the flowery, descriptive writing. The Royal Rogue was lyrical in many ways, with a flourish of adjectives and poetic imagery. I painted pictures with my words, and that method fit the tone of the book well. However, Jaspur the Rogue is anything but flowery.

Dumping Adjectives for Action

I stripped a lot of adjectives and focused more on action verbs, leaning on the characters to paint the scene through their body language, their dialogue, and their reactions to the setting around them. Through this, character interaction became more visual and less emotional while letting the reader infer what the rogue is feeling.

I realize that inference can be tricky. No author wants their readers to feel too distanced from the main character. However, part of Jaspur’s persona is that sense of mystery that keeps several of the supporting characters guessing. And in some areas, I intend to keep my readers guessing as well.

This is where dialogue will become essential. Readers will uncover Jaspur’s inner feelings along with Tobiano, Patchi and other characters in the book. I’ve already started on one of these scenes, and the way his body language intermingles with his words creates a full message that speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, I cannot share this scene or much else about the next book until much later down the road. But I will say this much… there will be a slight redesigning of the Rogue section of my blog! And with it I will be adding a very small excerpt from Jaycent—I mean Jaspur’s—next adventure. It won’t be anything too revealing, but it will be enough to give you a taste of the novel to come.



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