According to the old lore passed down through the centuries of horse folk history, a unicorn is sometimes born with a soul that was carved from the same spirit of a two legged companion.

These souls are said to possess the deepest connection of all creatures, their very existance bound to one another in an intimate bond broken only be severing the magic instilled within the unicorn’s horn.

Diego and Jaycent represent this bond. Inseparable, even in their sleep, the two share a companionship that sometimes makes them seem like one entity.

Like brothers, they are unyieldingly faithful to one another, and though most fear Diego’s proud, fierce and unpredictable temperament, Jaycent Connor wouldn’t trust anyone more with his life than this unicorn.

(Read an excerpt from Elli’s debut novel, The Royal Rogue, at https://elliwrites.wordpress.com/prologue-the-royal-rogue/ or join the Facebook page to learn more about the book and its characters, and purchase the novel which is now available through your local book retailer!)

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