Writer Publishes “New Kind of Fantasy” Novel

Press Release

Young Writer Publishes a “New Kind of Fantasy” Novel

Young author, Elizabeth Carlton, breaks the typical fantasy mold with The Royal Rogue, her debut novel now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com.

In the book, Carlton breaks away from the paranormal, vampire trend with a bold new race and a royal hero named Jaycent Connor that connects with readers on a realistic level.

“Jaycent isn’t your typical storybook character,” Carlton said. “He has this multifaceted personality that breaks him out of the knight in shining armor cliché. Jaycent’s not chivalrous. He’s not the epitome of good. Like us, the royal rogue contends with the ‘human condition’ which makes him less than perfect and people connect with that.”

The Royal Rogue is a compelling tale of moral struggle interwoven with intricate deception and page turning action.  Set in a medieval era, readers follow the desperate journey of a prince who must become a rogue in order to defeat a power hungry illusionist bent on his demise.

An excerpt from the book is available to read at: https://elliwrites.wordpress.com/prologue-the-royal-rogue/

Elizabeth Carlton is an author and freelance writer from Denver, North Carolina. Aside from her recent fiction endeavor, she has been published in local, national, and online publications including AMP Magazine, Chamber Magazine, Hails & Horns, News @ Norman, Denver Weekly, eHow.com, and 101D.com.

The author is available for interviews, book signings and writing workshops. You can schedule her via e-mail (ECarlton@live.com).

For a complete biography of the author, visit: https://elliwrites.wordpress.com/about/.

The Royal Rogue
Written by Elizabeth Carlton
Published through Authorhouse
October 2012
Ages 16 & up
430 pages
E-Book: $5.99
6×9 Softcover: $23.95
6×9 Hardcover: $31.99

BARNES AND NOBLE (Softback currently available for $21.18):

AMAZON (Kindle Version Available for $5.99):

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