Age: Unknown – Ethnicity: Re’shahna – Occupation: Gypsy Leader – Height: 5’2 – Hair Color: Flaxen – Eye Color: Brown

None in Nevaharday know the gypsy’s true age. his name has been pinned at the head of all of the nomadic folk’s deeds for many generations, yet those few who have seen or met him claim that’s impossible.

Short even by horse folk standards, Patchi looks as if he’s barely seen more than twenty summers. An iconic brown birthmark covers his left eye and his ears are coated in a short downy fur rarely seen upon rahee.Most have come to believe that Patchi is more of a title than a person, and that a “new” Patchi is chosen every few generations. But that theory doesn’t steal the fear and wonder from people’s voice when they mention his name. He is charming, elusive, clever and enigmatic, always staying one step ahead of Nevaharday’s own prince when it comes to knowing what’s going on both within and outside of the city.

A fact that causes endless frustration for Prince Jaycent Connor.

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