NEWS: The Royal Rogue Speeds Through Production

September has been a whirlwind of phone calls, e-mails, galleys, and proofs. When I submitted Rogue’s manuscript to the printing house on September 3rd, I was given a two and a half month timeline between production and release.

Mid-November? Okay. Fall would be merging into winter. People would be getting ready for Christmas or perhaps just looking for a good book to snuggle up and read next to the fire. In spite of the impending election that will dominate most media, it seemed like a good time to release a book. I already had a media/marketing plan leading up to and after the book’s estimated release. I was excited.

Then the unexpected happened.

Two and a half months turned into one as Rogue sped through production. I approved the final proofs today, twenty-four days after the initial submission.  My project manager has projected The Royal Rogue to be available for sale anywhere between the first and third week of October depending upon how smoothly the quality check and content evaluation goes.

First week of October? That’s next week. The Royal Rogue could be available for sale as soon as next week! It’s an exciting thought, but also somewhat frightening as I scramble to reorganize these marketing plans and write up press releases in preparation for my novel’s debut.

So I apologize for all of the ambiguity when it comes to this release date, but I appreciate all of the support you all have shown and I’m thrilled to share this book with you sooner than expected. Although the book will probably not be available for pre-order, I will be posting links to where you can buy Rogue as soon as it’s available for sale.

For now I can simply say that this October we will officially have “gone Rogue”.



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