When to Set Down the Red Pen

Artwork by Elizabeth Carlton. Do not steal, edit, copy or reproduce.

It’s like sending your child off to college for the first time. You smile proudly, cheering them on through this next big step. Motherly instincts have you wanting to help with every minute detail, making sure their transition is smooth and perfect. Still, there are silent questions in the back of your mind.

Are they ready?

Have you done everything you could to prepare them for this next step?

Will others like your baby, and if they don’t, will your child stand firm in spite of the critics?

The Royal Rogue is my baby. Its story is like a child of mine that I’ve nurtured for nearly a decade. Now it is finally stepped into the production stage of publication, and I am both thrilled and undeniably nervous.

Over a year of editing has been spent prepping for this very moment, and I could spend many more if I let myself. But I can’t do that. At some point we all have to take a step back and say, yes, our masterpiece will always have room for improvement, but it’s time to accept that it’s strong enough to stand on its own.

I cannot predict how people will receive this novel. But I’ve come to the point where I understand that sink or swim, it doesn’t matter, because The Royal Rogue is complete, and I’m proud of what it has become. I’m proud to share it with you when it goes to print in a few months.


The year of the Rogue.

Jaycent and his gang will finally make their grand debut, and they’re more than ready.

So the only question left now is this: Are you?

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