News Flash for August

Meet The Royal Rogue’s Characters

If you haven’t joined my Facebook Page, now is a good time to do so! We’re currently 114 “likes” away from debuting the one of the first supporting character cards from my upcoming novel, The Royal Rogue! These cards include original, never before seen design sketches of the character as well as stats and a brief description of the character. We currently a banner promoting the page that readers/supporters can share on their blogs, social networking sites, etc.

However, anyone is welcome to make their own and share it with us! Those who participated in the cover contest are also welcome to use their entries to make banners, or create brand new art to help spread the word about TRR’s release this year!

Straight from the Hartsock $20+Key Chain Contest

I know I’ve been sharing a lot of posts by friends and other writers lately, but I thought this to be a fun little contest that will get you thinking, and possibly win you a nifty key chain and a little bit of pocket money!

My friend Jennifer Hartsock is a columnist at The Commuter who writes about her thoughts on political topics, philosophy and life problems. Her work is a great springboard to thought provoking discussions, and if you participate in them between now and the end of August you will be entered to win a pretty unique prize. Those who are interested can find out all the details on Jennifer’s blog at Straight from the Hartsock $20+Key Chain Contest.


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