Guest Blog: How To Write Dialogue in Three Easy Steps

If you’re  a writer, Erin Elizabeth Long’s blog is a great one to follow. I recently stumbled upon her post on writing dialogue via WordPress’s “Freshly Pressed” and joined her mailing list before I even reached the end of her entry.

I love writing dialogue. It can allow writers to deliver exposition, advance the plot, and, above all, develop our characters. It gives us glimpses into their inner lives and motivations. The things the characters say to each other, and sometimes what they don’t say, provides more insight than simply describing them or *shudder* telling us what they think and feel.

Step One: Punctuation goes inside the quotation marks.*

  1. “It’s a lovely evening for a stroll,” she said.
  2. She said, “Where will we go now?”
  3. “I wonder,” he said, “whether I’ve made a terrible mistake.”
  4. “You’re wrong,” he said. “I’d never do that!”
  5. “That’s not true! You’re a liar!”

In example #3, his thought is broken up to let the “I wonder” linger… [Read More]

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