The Royal Rogue Pushes Back Release

The Royal Rogue Pushes Back Release

Originally The Royal Rogue was expected to release this summer. It was a goal my editor and worked diligently throughout the last few months to make happen. However, since our line-by-line edits began in 2011, TRR has expanded in ways I hadn’t imagined. Supporting characters have become more memorable, and the descriptions more vivid. Our goal has been to pull the reader into the realm of Nevaharday, and as we wrap up the final edits, I feel like this novel has reached beyond its potential.

We intend for you to do more than just “read a book”. We want The Royal Rogue to have you seeing through Jaycent’s eyes; hearing the clash of the blades; feeling the course of magic and the moments that rattle the character’s hearts and test their courage. So while the release will likely fall under a fall date, I promise it’s worth it.

This is Jaycent and the gang like you’ve never seen them before. So I encourage you if you haven’t already to stay in touch, whether through subscribing to this blog or adding my Author Page on Facebook. This may be a delay, but we’re getting so much closer. Don’t miss TRR‘s debut!

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