Madame Thenadier Brings Life to The Royal Rogue’s Characters

Recently, The Royal Rogue book cover contest came to a close, and twenty entries were put on the hot seat as the judges and I whittled down our favorites to a single winner. We’ll be presenting the official cover in the coming weeks but until then Elli Writes will be featuring the runner up entries, and even a little bit about the artists!

Third place went to a professional digital artist by the name of Marlene Vorster (or “Madame Thenadier”) for her beautiful interpretation of my original lineart featuring Prince Jaycent and Diego, his unicorn companion.

Entry By Madame Thenadier

My first reaction was simply, “Wow!”. The texture in Jaycent’s attire and the way the moonlight reflects off of Diego’s mane truly blew me away. But really, this work only displays a fraction of the artist’s talent. I invite you to visit her gallery at and take a gander at some of her other her vibrant and imaginative works, or check out her website at If you’re a fantasy lover, you won’t be disappointed!



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